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Umbrella is the most cost effective branding tool in Singapore. You can choose from straight umbrella, foldable umbrella and golf umbrella to print your logo.
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  • Windproof Auto Open Foldable Umbrella

    Description: 21" x 8 panels  3 fold auto open and close umbrella. With windproof frame, black plastic handle, caps and tips. UV silver coated pongee fabric (shake and dry) material.
  • Promotional Foldable Umbrella

    21" foldable umbrella with matching colour zipper pouch. Available colours: pink, blue, green, orange.
  • Manual Open Foldable Umbrella

    Description: 8 panels, 3 fold manual open foldable umbrella.  Size: 21 Inch/8 panels Colours: Assorted (Grey/Blue/Red/Black/Navy Blue)
  • Lightweight Foldable Umbrella

    19" lightweight aluminium shaft umbrella with pouch. Available colours: Blue, Green, Orange, Red.
  • 23'' Inverted Foldable Auto Umbrella

    Description:  23” x 8 panels, auto inverted umbrella Black metal shaft with C-shape plastic handle, cap & tips Double layer solid colour pongee fabric, cloth sleeve
  • 24" Auto Open Regular Umbrella

    24" Regular solid auto open umbrella with J hook plastic handle.  Colour: Black, White, Blue, Navy Blue, Green and more.  * Stock availability subjects to change upon order confirmation.
  • Black Coated Foldable Umbrella

    21 inch 5 folds/section Manual Open Umbrella with Black Coated Fabric Colour: Pink
  • 30'' Auto Golf Umbrella with Silver Coating

    Description: 30” x 8 panels, auto open golf umbrella Full fiber frame with EVA handle, cap & tips Silver coated polyester fabric, cloth sleeve Colour available: Blue, maroon
  • 24" Auto Open Stick Umbrella

    Description: 24 inch auto open UV coated walking stick umbrella. 14mm black metal frame with non slippery cap Dimension: 24 inch  Colours: Black, Red, Navy, Grey, Brown, Yellow, Green Material:...
  • 24" Auto Open Straight Umbrella with UV Coated

    Description:  24″ Regular UV Auto Open Umbrella Dimension: 24 inch  Colours: Black, Brown, Blue, Orange
  • 27'' Auto Golf Umbrella with UV Coating

    UV auto open golf umbrella  Metal shaft with J-crock plastic handle, cap & tips Size: 27" x 8 panels Colours: Variable  Material: Silver coated polyester fabric, with cloth sleeve
  • Slim Foldable Umbrella

    SuperSlim Frame Pocket Umbrella
  • UV Coated Auto Open Foldable Umbrella

    Description: UV Coated 3 fold auto open foldable umbrella. Exterior Solid Colour, Interior Silver coated.  Size: 21 inch, 3 fold 
  • OSSI Capsule Mini Umbrella

    Description: Portable and adorable design, OSSI capsule mini umbrella remain light-weight and functional with UV protection. Compact and can be stored easily and it can be used in case of...
  • 23'' Foldable Umbrella with UV Coating

    Description: 23″ x 8 panels, 3 fold, manual operated, black metal shaft and fibre glass frame, UV coated on interior panels foldable umbrellaPackaging: Individual ‘crocodile’ cloth sleeve and OPP cover...
  • Knirps T.050 Medium Manual Umbrella

    Description: An umbrella for every day – our umbrella T.050 Medium Manual. Thanks to the classic single colour (red/blue/black) or the timeless patterns it fits perfectly to every outfit and...
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